kids camp

AUGUST 10-13 ~ 10:00 – 11:00 am

For children in grades 1-4 (in Sept 2020)



If you are interested in being a kids camp LEADER or HELPER this summer, or have a backyard we could use, please contact Lauryl!

SEE FAQ BELOW for Parent/Guardian, Leader & Host Home.

Be sure to also mark your calendar for the free KIDS CAMP CELEBRATION at the Morden Stardust Drive In Theatre on Tuesday, August 18th. Movie (WONDER PARK) will begin at dusk and concession will be open to purchase all your favourite movie snacks!

Although we will make every effort to abide by current Manitoba Covid-19 restrictions of groups of people, due to the nature of the event and having young children present who may not follow all protocol, attending this event will be at your own risk. Morden Alliance Church is not liable for any health risks or transmission of sickness that could occur.
If you are feeling unwell, have a fever or cough, we ask that you refrain from attending. If you have plans to travel outside of Manitoba in the previous 14 days to kids camp, we ask that you refrain from registering.


Will my child be safe? We will do our best to keep children from separate households 6’ apart and stick with guidelines set out for us from from the Manitoba Government.  We will also be running all our plans past a public health nurse for advice and wisdom on running this year’s kids camp prior to camp beginning.  We will be adjusting protocol if guidelines change from the province and will update this site accordingly.

Will my child/ren be with their friends? We will do our best to keep friends requested together! The groups will be all ages so friends can be requested in different grades this year!

Can my child/ren bring a friend? Yes! Friend’s are welcome to join your child as long as they have the proper registration forms filed in at sign-in! We strongly encourage families to pre-register (form at top of Kids Camp page, above) to do our best to accommodate everyone and be sure each camp location has enough space. We will do our best to honour friends/families to be together!

What happens if my child needs to use the washroom while at camp? We strongly encourage parents/guardians to have their child use the washroom before being dropped off.  Camp is just 1 hour so if a child needs to use the washroom, we will be calling the care-giver to come and pick-up their child.

Does my child/ren need to bring anything? Be sure they are dressed and prepared for the weather. This might mean they’re already sun-screened up, wearing a hat and a bottle of water with their name on it clearly marked.  It may also mean a jacket or umbrella.  Please make sure their things are clearly labeled with their name.

How will you enforce social distancing? We’ll have the kids from separate households spaced apart for games and while sitting for stories etc. as best we can. If a child is struggling to stay apart, we’ll have a special place for them to sit to help them remember (hoola-hoop)!


How is this year different than years past? Well the obvious changes are that it’s going to be in smaller groups around Morden in people’s yards and it’s only an hour long (10-11am).  There will be no crafts this year.  There will be games, bible stories, possibly some singing (not confirmed yet but if we can make it happen, music will be provided, it’s OK if you’re tone-deaf 😉).  There will for sure be a minimum of 1 leader and 1 helper at each camp. 

What is required of me as a leader or helper? Leaders will need to be at the designated home a minimum of 15 minutes early with the sign in/sign out binder (we will provide you) and assist with the sign in process.  Ensure everyone has their hands sanitized and no one appears to be sick before letting them into the space.  Leading some fun and simple games, telling a bible story, possibly pressing PLAY on a cd player to listen to some camp music (and maybe even teaching them a few actions!). Praying with the kids and enjoying a pre-packaged, allergy friendly snack together! When the morning is finished you will also assist with sign-out. Take a quick look at the space you’ve used to be sure it’s left how you found it each day, picking up any garbage etc.  Helpers will do just that – help with all of the above AND help the kids stay 6’ apart and encouraging them to be good listeners and participants!

What will a typical morning at kids camp look like? Kids will be signed in with 1 leader and then brought to the yard space with another leader (or more!).  There will be “get to know you” games to be played, an object lesson for the kids to watch, more games, bible story, possibly singing and a snack!  Then parents will return to pick them up.

How will training be done ahead of time? We will meet in the church foyer (or outside in the back parking lot if we reach the maximum people) for a brief Plan to Protect recap and training for all the leaders.  We will have a separate training for any jr. helpers (Gr 5-10).  Date & time TBD.

How old do I have to be? A leader must be 19+ and MUST have completed Plan to Protect training and a criminal record check.  A helper (15+) and jr. helper (10+) must attend the training prior to camp!


Do I need to be a Kids Camp volunteer in order to offer my home? No, you don’t. We’d love to have you on the team if you’re interested in helping or leading however to offer your lawn space, volunteering is not necessary.

Do I need anything specific in my yard to consider being a host home? YES. You need grass.  That is all! The kids will be spread out on your backyard lawn (or front yard could be an option if you live on a quiet street), nothing else is required in your yard.

Do I need to be at home while my yard is being used? Yes, just for the safety of everyone, we would require you to be at home during kids camp.  However, you would not need to be in the yard with them.  We would also need confirmation that you have proper home or tenant insurance.

Do I need to provide anything? We need the use of your driveway for drop off/pick up and your backyard space for the camp.  If you live on a quiet street, the front yard could also be an option.  We may also require some of your freezer space as a likely snack that week will be freezies.  If you had a lawn chair or two for the leaders that would be a bonus!

Is my yard big enough for kids to be spaced out? Likely your yard is big enough! Siblings do not need to be spaced apart. If you’re unsure, let us know and we will come take a look before you “sign on the dotted line”.

Please be sure to contact Lauryl if you still have questions or need clarification. We’re excited to have kids camp this summer and hope to see you there!!