Sunday’s Songs:

Newer Songs at MAC:

Worshipping God through music is a big part of what we do at MAC on Sunday mornings….but it doesn’t have to end there. We would love to help equip you with music to use in your small groups or house church meetings.  On this page you will find a continually updated library of song charts (lyrics and chords) that you can use at home.

Software Tools

ChordSmith is a free downloadable program for your computer that automatically converts songs to and from ChordPro format.  It’s great for making song charts and can also transpose keys.

Planning Center is web-based software for scheduling teams, planning services, printing customizable music books, and much more.  It’s a subscription based service, but there is also a free version that includes logins for 5 team members.

Songsheet Generator is a free downloadable program for your computer that allows you to build your own song library and create songbooks for events.  You can transpose songs into any key, print or display just lyrics, or lyrics and chords, in various print and on screen formats.